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Friday, October 30, 2009

Circumcised banana

Circumcised banana is very unnatural unless you get used to it. And what do you think will happen to the exposed part after its natural protective covering is removed?


Anonymous said...

How can it have been removed yet I can see it right now here, some 10 days later? What´s the problem with such a picture? My, how much ignorance in this world!
Go on, dear John! You certainly have or can find other excellent pix to us. Thanks and all my best wishes!

Hugh7 said...

A parody of the circumcised banana (a favourite of the circumcisors, almost as popular as the Egyptian papyrus) is now at The Intactivism Pages.

Anonymous said...

i'm filipino. havent had my son tuli yet and he will. i chose not to get my sn circumcised as a baby because there are tendncies that it will grow back. the reason why i want my son circumcised is because foreskin can cause complication if not very careful. when you pee the foreskin has to be strecthed as not to get in the way. And it also has to nbe stretched as far as it can go to clean the pee residue or dirt from clothes trapped under the foreskin. as not to cause infection in the long run. and if not cleaned poperly it will leave a nasty smell. i would get my son circumcized for hygene. :D

joselitodayrit said...

looking for filipino doctor that can circumcise my 15 year old son. a tradition.

Sean Akizuki said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

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Lethabo Godfrey said...

People are being ignorant.circumcising your baby boy is completely unnecessary.

Lethabo Godfrey said...

Don't circumcise you child.there's no genuine reason why people do that.a soap and warm water can take care of that smell.and prevent compeletely unnecessary to do that.

Anonymous said...

it's not hard in rest of the asia most of men are INTACT I am intact too it's not a hard thing to clean. beside it's not just the penis vagina is dirty too if not clean properly. so wash your genital and stop genital mutilation.

Skyren Cards said...

I am a Filipino and I'm circumcised, I am not really against circumcision as long as it is done properly, safe and painless. But if I am to choose whether cut or uncut, I'd choose uncut. I am still single but I would prefer for my future son to be uncircumcised. But of course, the challenge for me is to make him understand why I am making that choice for him and boost his confidence to face people, because in our country if you're not circumcised you will be teased or bullied though they don't even know why they are circumcised. Cut or uncut if you don't really know how to clean yourself you will really stink. For penises sake don't blame them. Our body, our obligation.

no 1 said...

I'm 18 yrs old and im still uncircumcised and i just want to know that some Filipino out there are also uncut like me?


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While some boys may clamor for tuli,

  • They are in no position to know what they are losing. Their consent cannot be considered informed.
  • The peer pressure on them amounts to coercion. Their consent cannot be considered voluntary.

The ethics of a doctor performing that or any cosmetic operation at a child's request are highly debatable. A doctor who did so in almost any other country would certainly be struck off.

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Not A Birth Defect!

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