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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Did you know that . . . ?

Did you know -

  • that most men in the world and the great majority of men in Europe, Scandinavia, Central and South America or Asia are not circumcised?
  • that "medical" infant circumcision was introduced to prevent masturbation?
  • that until a few decades ago, female genital cutting was promoted in the western world for many of the same reasons as male circumcision?
  • that infant circumcision was fashionable in the English-speaking world 50 years ago but is now rare (except in the US)?
  • that babies are strapped down to be circumcised?
  • that circumcision with a PlastiBellTM does involve cutting?
  • that before the foreskin can be cut (or crushed) off, it must be torn away from the glans?
  • that circumcision removes 50% of the skin of the penis?
  • that no medical association anywhere in the world supports neonatal circumcision (male or female) on medical grounds?


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How about some T-shirts with that on them?

The list "Did you know that...? is part of The Intactivism Pages.

julius said...
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While some boys may clamor for tuli,

  • They are in no position to know what they are losing. Their consent cannot be considered informed.
  • The peer pressure on them amounts to coercion. Their consent cannot be considered voluntary.

The ethics of a doctor performing that or any cosmetic operation at a child's request are highly debatable. A doctor who did so in almost any other country would certainly be struck off.

Not A Birth Defect!

Not A Birth Defect!

Support Group for Uncircumcised Men in the Philippines

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